Hemp and the 2018 Farm Bill

Dick Dragon here talking hemp, CBD and the 2018 farm bill!

Part 1 of X (who the hell knows how many parts it will have…more than 1 is all I can say).

If you can pull your head out of Facebook or fake news for a bit, we will be breaking down the Industrial Hemp related aspects of the constantly talked about “2018 Farm Bill”.  One of the misconceptions out there is that this piece of legislation is groundbreaking for the Industrial Hemp industry…as a whole. It is key but to say groundbreaking is not totally true and there are some misguided idiots spewing crap and with key pieces of information left out especially when it comes to CBD. However, that is why you came here. To get through the crap and all the way to the truth. This bill will, or could, weigh heavily on the industry as we look to further the agenda of bringing hemp back to the United States where it rightfully belongs! Time to read it as I did; like the BIBLE and with lots of Teddy Kennedy’s favorite scotch (never too soon to make a dead Kennedy reference). I will tell you what I think and since I am the oracle of knowledge, you must believe it.

We also want to address the CBD aspect and how, for some reason, people THINK the Farm Bill unleashes the CBD industry and if you look around, since December 2018 and the passage of the bill, CBD shops have been popping up like zits on a teenager’s face or hard-ons at a two-for-one nickel lapdance night in a Mississippi strip club.  This is an example of people jumping the gun and not reading, listening or flat out misinterpreting the bill and what actually became law. Want to go to jail? Want to lose EVERYTHING? Well now run afoul of the FDA and see just what begging your cellmate for some alone time will really mean (heard my share of begging and I am deaf to it).

Let’s start with some simple facts in Part 1 and the follow on articles we will dive deep:

  1. The 2018 Farm Bill is 1,006 pages long…no wonder no one in Washington reads the stuff.
  2. The 2018 Farm Bill was not specifically (nowhere close) about Hemp, legalizing hemp, growing hemp, who can grow hemp…at it’s core. The Bill is made up of over 70 amendments with the “McConnell Amendment” being just one of them (Mitch likes his Sativa!).
  3. The whole damn thing goes back up for debate every 5 years. So in this case, 2023 we are at risk with the whole Industrial Hemp, legalization, growing, you name it. At 1006 pages, easy to bury things so deep that like packing a bong in ice…you think it will be smooth but the Farm Bill is like everything else coming out of a politician…murky, probably smells and it costs you a lot of money.
  4. The bill lays out a line between “Marihauna” (come on guys…it is Marijuana) and Hemp.  This is a key, and probably the most key aspect of the farm bill. Keep in mind, since 1946, hemp has been viewed just like “Marihuana”.
  5. The farm bill does NOT address CANNAIDIOL (CBD) but instead only TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL (THC) so we will be looking at the text of the law to see where the loophole is that makes people think it is wide-open territory for CBD sales. Now to be fair CBD is KIND OF addressed and that leads us to item 6.
  6. USDA will govern the agriculture aspect of Hemp whilst the FDA will handle the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and all the other “ceutical’s” that come out of hemp. In other words…they will want to control CBD.
  7. Oh and probably the most critical thing that most people overlook or flat out didn’t understand. The Farm Bill defines hemp as coming ONLY from Sativa L. If I have to explain to you what that means then you should probably read back a few years on my often quoted and expert analysis of Sativa versus Sativa versus Sativa versus Sativa article.  Kick ass and I did it totally sober.

Stay tuned…Dick Dragon

Editors Note:

As usual Dick goes a little extreme. He is not a friendly guy but he knows more than most so we give him space. His opinion we support but his lack of control and the use of certain words…well he needs to stay off caffeine and get back on the Thorazine.  For more from the Dragon, keep your eyes on New Age of Hemp. Since he came back into the country, Dragon can be found here.

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